What’s Being Googled About Roofing?

Before you invest a good amount of time searching for answers pertaining to roofing, roofing installation and roof repairs, you should check out this post. Our Central Florida roofing experts have put together a number of questions that are actually being searched using Google. We hope it saves you time and assists you in your roofing research.
  • How do I know if it’s time for a new roof? And, what are the benefits of a metal roof over a shingle roof?

    • Typically if you notice an excessive amount of granules around the downspouts of the house you can assume your shingles are starting to deteriorate. Of course, if you notice stains on the ceiling from potential leaks it’s time to call a professional like Don Schmidt Roofing. Ignoring these symptoms is dangerous and can leas to costly repairs. Small problems can grow to be large scale issues rather quickly, so be aware – and be prepared, call Don Schmidt, we he’re to help!

    • Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular in Central Florida.  You can certainly expect a significantly longer lifespan with metal roofs than you can with traditional asphalt roofs. They have durability against winds up to 140 miles per hours, and because of its ability to reflect solar heat, it is an energy saver over asphalt shingles.

  • What do I do if my roof is leaking?

    • If you discover a leak in your roof, it’s extremely important to react quickly in order to prevent secondary damages. The first step you need to take is to call us at 407.892.9884. Make sure you fully inspect the interior portions of your home or business. When the Don Schmidt Roofing representative arrives, give a clear explanation of what you’ve discovered. Then begin to make a list of things that will prevent possible secondary damage such as gutter clean outs and possible exterior pain needs around chimneys.

  • What areas of my roof are prone to water damage?

    • Air vents

    • Pipe boots

    • Flashing

    • Chimney areas on the roof

    • Elevation change areas on the roof

    • Anywhere there is an excessive buildup of leaves

    • Ridge vents

    • Exhaust fans

    • Solar water elements for pools – this is a big issue in Central Florida and difficult to casually assess

  • Will I need roofing repair or an entire roof replacement?

    • Homeowners often question whether or not their roof needs to be replaced or just needs to be repaired. No one likes to make major unexpected investments in areas like your roof, but it’s wise to clearly think out what dangers you place upon your home and family if you try to “get by” with a repair when a replacement is truly called for. Trusting the recommendation of your roofing representative is paramount. Don Schmidt Roofing has earned the respect in the Central Florida community by unmatched integrity and work ethic for nearly 30 years! Chances are, your roof needs to be replaced if a tree has fallen on the roof, there is a significant amount of missing shingles or mold or the sun have begun to take a toll on your roof’s condition.  Now more than ever, insurance companies are requiring roofs over 10 years old to be placed. If you as the homeowner refuse to replace, certain insurance companies may take issues with covering your roof.

  • How long does a shingle roof last in Central Florida?

    • It depends on what type of shingled roof product you’re discussing.  A three tab asphalt roof’s life expectancy is 20-25 years, while a laminated architectural shingle roof’s life expectancy is actually 30-50 years. In Central Florida however, the heat and pounding rain can drastically affect those life spans.

  • My roof is damaged and needs to be attended to. How and when do I pursue my insurance coverage?

    • Contact Don Schmidt Roofing as soon as possible to inspect and analyze what kind of damage you have.

    • We are often asked to be a part of the insurance claim process. Every case and every claim is different so call your insurance company and inform them that you have Don Schmidt on board and you are actively pursuing the scope of the repair or replacement. Our reputation will certainly be a plus to you as you progress in this situation.

    • Thoroughly explain the storm damage to the insurance company and the date of the damage appearance or event. Let them know you responsively acted and notified Don Schmidt quickly and that we have already examined the property and confirmed the damage. A claim number should be issued to you at that point.

    • An insurance adjuster will then be scheduled to come and examine the extent  of your roof damage. We find that if we can be present or accessible during that process it will simplify everything. Often times, the insurance adjuster may inadvertently miss damage or not be able to take photos that accurately represent the damage, having Don Schmidt roofing available during the process can ensure a proper repair or replacement.

    • Finally, when you are ready to begin repairs, you will have to allow for the actual deductible.


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