Ventilation for your roof is key to your home or business

The ventilation system on your roof is a very important element of your roofing structure. A roof that is properly ventilated creates correct circulation of air and will help your attic stay cooler in the summer and drier in the winter. Without proper ventilation potential damage can occur to your roof.

Don Schmidt Roofing and Contracting has been providing the best in residential and commercial roofing for over 30 years and fully understands the importance of a roofing structure’s structural integrity and proper ventilation. Your roof’s ventilation system serves many purposes. A roof with correct ventilation will release excess moisture in your attic during the cooler months and release additional heat during the scorching Osceola and Central Florida summer months. A proper ventilation system makes it possible for fresh outside air to flow into the home, circulate throughout the attic and then move the air back up and then exit.

Proper roof ventilation allows for:

  • A much dryer and cooler attic area in the structure
  • Keeping moisture from being unable to escape wood beams, roof decking and shingles.
  • Preventing wood rotting
  • Preventing mildew in the attic area
  • Preventing siding on the structure from warping and deteriorating
  • The HVAC system to be more efficient and effective, saving money and allowing the system to last longer

Many people think by simply adding additional roof vents all will be well, but that can be counter-productive to achieving a proper ventilation system.

When Don Schmidt Roofing properly installs home your roofing ventilation, it gives your attic a correct flow of air that will circulate the attic and then efficiently escape. Achieving the correct balance between intake and outtake vents is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your roof, and with Don Schmidt Roofing, you can trust that your ventilation system will be installed correctly.

If you feel cleaning you gutters poses a safety issue for you, call a professional that is well known. If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, it is worth looking into. Don Schmidt Roofing would love to earn your trust and help you with your central Florida home/commercial roof repair or installation. Call us at 407.892.9884 today or contact us online at We are a local family owned business serving central Florida since 1988 and an Osceola county resident since 1959. Put your roofing project into the hands of a contractor you can trust.

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