Vent your attic will save you money.

When an attic is ventilated properly, air circulation occurs naturally through convection that allows air to be drawn in from the outside from lower elevation areas of the attic (soffit vents) and exhausted through higher areas (ridge vents, dormer vents or roof turbines) in a process of drafting like the way a chimney works. It boils down to a simple concept that every elementary school student learns in science class that hot air rises


There’s a science to getting the best airflow. Properly balancing attic ventilation with the correct insulation and heat reflection is critical to creating the most energy-efficient environment in your attic. Employing wind or natural convection, our ventilation solution pulls hot air out of your attic through ridge vents while replacement air flows in through the soffits.


With increasing the energy efficiency of your attic and your home, we will also ensure your attic meets the requirement of current Florida building codes for good attic ventilation. Proper attic ventilation is one component in preventing heat build-up in summer and getting rid of the moisture and warm air produced daily by cooking, laundry, and hot showers. Trapped moisture will condense on cooler solid surfaces and that will spell trouble for your home.


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