The Real Danger to your Home is a Leaky Roof.

Your roof ages with time and deals with various weather conditions so certain areas of your roof can become susceptible to leaks. It is very important as a homeowner, property owner to keep tabs on your roof and address any leaks or damage ASAP to avoid costly repairs and other unexpected dangers of a leaking roof.


The time to fix your leaking roof is now. The dangers of a leaking roof are real, and the worry is not only with your roof and structural integrity of your home, but also the potential health concerns for your family. It’s a good idea to keep up with roof maintenance and inspections to maintain the integrity of your roof and avoid the leaks all together. A proper maintenance plan will ensure that your roof is maintained yearly and leaks become a thing of the past.


If you do have a leak use fans if necessary, to dry everything that gets wet instead of allowing the water to sit and saturate in walls or ceilings for a prolonged period of time. As a temporary fix the use of tarps and plastic on the exterior of your roof will help to prevent rain from leaking into the home.


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