Price isn’t Everything, you get what you Paid for.

Roofing work is not like buying a new shirt or even a car. Never choose a roofing company based on the price. Any reputable roofing contractor with overhead and proper insurance must establish pricing to cover these costs. Low and cheap bids drive down the market. Just like they say, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. Roofing work is unfortunately a costly investment but when done right, a new roofing system installed by a quality contractor can last a lifetime. Shop around for different prices and options but realize that the neighbor who roofs on the side or the guys operating out of a pickup truck will always do it cheaper – but you get what you pay for!
Always do your homework when it’s time to choose a residential roofing contractor for your next roofing project. Whether you’re installing a new roof, making a simple or complex roof repair, or needing a roof maintenance plan you should always look for the roofing contractor you can trust.

You are in safe hands with us, Whether it be for your business or your home, and you’re not sure what to do… Give us a call Don Schmidt Roofing would love to earn your trust and help you with your central Florida home/commercial roof repair or installation. Call us at 407.892.9884 today or contact us online at We are a local family owned business serving central Florida since 1988 and an Osceola county resident since 1959. Put your roofing project into the hands of a contractor you can trust.

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