How you can protect your home roof.

While maintaining them alone can be a challenge, roofs need as much care as any other part of our home. Moisture and plant growth can slowly, but irrevocably, weaken your roof until it eventually fails under the pressure of the next storm or hurricane.


The best way to prevent disaster and costly roof repairs? Pamper your roof a little, and it’ll last twice if it would otherwise. Even roofs need love. Here are three dangers to your roof and how to keep them from becoming a major, and expensive, problem.


Trees too close to your house can be a cause for both short and long-term damage to your roof. Tree branches are deceptively heavy and high wind, or storms will often smack them against your roof. Over the years, repeated assault can crack roof tiles and stress support beams.


To prevent damage from tree branches, regularly trim those trees whose branches are within a few feet of your house. Branches can often swing farther than you think, so err on the side of caution when you trim them back.


If tree branches are like a boxer constantly sparring with your roof, then mold is a poison that slowly eats away at the health of your roof. Broken tile or even simple leaks allow moisture to gather and nurture mold, algae, and moss that degrade boards and supports beneath tile making them more likely to collapse under pressure.


The first step to reversing damage is to fix whatever problem initially gave moisture access to your roof, and then get rid of the existing mold, algae, and moss entirely. Many specialty removal products on the market can help you. Follow their instructions closely, and your roof should stay strong and moisture-free.


This encompasses almost any kind of object that sticks to your roof, including leaves, twigs, and bird nests. These types of litter retain moisture longer than normal and can cause mold growth. They can also remove the varnish from roof tiles that protect them from UV rays and the elements.


You should always be extremely careful when removing debris as it can make footing treacherous and slippery. Clear all debris from the flat of your roof with a rake or push broom, and then proceed to clean the inner corners of your roof. Gutters are especially important to clear, as they become clogged with leaves and trap harmful moisture.


Even with these tips in hand, eventually, your roof will grow old and begin to give out. Prevent costly damage to your home with proper roof maintenance and repairs from Don Schmidt Roofing! Our team of professional roofing specialists knows what it takes to keep your roof strong, healthy, and free of debris for years to come.


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