How Long Should A Concrete Tile Roof Last In Florida?

There are a lot a variables that can affect the life expectancy of your concrete tile roof. The newer roofs done here in Florida can generally last you 25-30 years, even longer if you use a secondary water barrier like GAF Storm Guard and premium tile underlayment felts.

Now, we can get into what can cause your roof to fail faster than it should, if you have a lot of trees around your home we always tell our clients to make sure the branches do not start growing over the top of the roof. We also advise them to talk to their lawn care contractor and pay them a little extra to blow any leaves or branches that may fall onto the roof, or do it themselves if they can. Leaves, seeds and other tree debris can start accumulating underneath the tiles and start deteriorating the underylaying felts,  then can also accumulate on valleys, crickets and other keys points on your roof and not allow proper water flow.

If you can avoid it, do not pressure wash your roof on a consistent basis. In the early stages of the roof there is normally not a problem, but after year 10-15 we strongly advise our clients not to pressure wash. If you live in an association and are being forced to was your roof, or simply cannot stand the stains on your roof, hire a roofing contractor, preferably the one you used to install your new roof. Ask them not to use a high powered machine and to use roofing detergents (Hydro-Stop, Gaco Wash) prior to washing the roof so that the dirt loosens up easier. If you or they cannot find either of those products, pool chlorine or formula 88 work also.

If you follow these two main steps along with having your roof inspected by a roofing contractor every few years you can help maximize the life of your roof.  Since 1988 Don Schmidt Roofing brings the same amount of knowledge, experience and integrity. We would love to earn your trust and help you with your central Florida home/commercial roof repair or installation. Call us at (407) 892-9884 today or contact us online at


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