How Can I Protect My Tile Roof.

How vulnerable is my tile roof in a hurricane? Materials, age of the roof, and installation determine how well a roof may stand up to hurricane-force winds. Of all roof materials installed in the past 15 years for steep slope applications, the best performing has been metal and concrete tile. Additionally, concrete roof tiles have been tested and proven to withstand wind speeds more than 125 miles per hour in full-scale wind testing.


How can I protect my tile roof? When roof tile breaks free it is typically because of the impact of flying debris dislodging screws, nails or adhesive. Little can be done to avoid this type of damage, however; prior to hurricane season have your roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor to determine all tiles are properly secured.


What happens to my tile roof should parts of it become exposed? Many homeowners think displaced roof tiles create large-scale problems. But, in the absence of obvious leaks, missing roof tiles might not constitute an immediate problem thanks to the protective underlayment, which is applied to your roof deck prior to the installation of tile. For safety and insurance purposes have a licensed roofing contractor evaluate your roof for the risk of damage.


How do I protect my tile roof while I wait for new tile installation? Have a licensed roofing contractor do emergency repairs. If you cannot get a roofing contractor and have a leaking roof then call FEMA at 800-621-FEMA (3362).


How long can a tile roof withstand the elements with some tiles missing? The longevity of your roof will likely depend on the type and condition of your underlayment. A roofing professional will need to assess the damage to decide.


Where can I obtain replacement tiles to repair minor roof damage? Distributors sometimes work directly for consumers for replacement tiles or color matching needs. Manufacturers make roof tile, and supply tiles to distributors for supply needs of contractors.


Do’s and Don’ts….


Do maintain current photographs of your home and roof prior to any hurricane.


Do take photographs of any damage you may experience after a storm for your records.


Do have your roof inspected to assess its general condition and potential longevity.


Do contact your insurance company and FEMA if your roof is damaged in a hurricane. Do hire a licensed roofing contractor to repair or install your roof tile.


Don’t attempt to repair or install roof tiles yourself.

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Find hurricane preparedness tips and more information about Hurricane Preparedness Week on the National Weather Service web site.

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