Everything you think you know about a leaky roof may not be true.

One of the biggest roof leak myths is that your roof may leak a long distance from where the stain appears on your ceiling. Far more times than not, a good roofer will find the leak on the roof in a very close proximity to the stain.

Another myth is that the fiberglass insulation will absorb a lot of water before a stain appears on your ceiling-causing mold to begin growing throughout your home. This is not true. Fiberglass does not absorb anything. A very small leak might leave a small puddle on top of the paper backing but as a roof leak, it will continue, and the puddle will run around the insulation bat onto your sheetrock ceiling. It will not seep into the sheetrock but rather find the nearest nail holding the sheetrock up or a hole where a vent or light is fastened to the ceiling all within 2 feet of the drip.

A ceiling stain does not mean you have a roof leak. To save yourself from being misled by a hungry roofer, eliminate some of the most obvious causes. If the stain is close to your A/C ducts, check the pan under your air handler in the attic. If the pan is overflowing with water or it has water in it, then your A/C system is in dire need of service. This is because it is over condensation and pushing water through the ducts as well as overloading the pan. Another sign of this is if you have a wet ceiling and it isn’t raining.

A wall stain should be coupled with a ceiling stain, at least at the junction corner, for you to have a roof leak. If the wall stain shows up only down at the floor or around the bottom of a window, the odds are that you need a painter for waterproofing purposes more than you need a roofer to create an imaginary leak and not solve your problem.

Water is not intelligent. It follows very predictable paths and leaves traceable trails. Even though water can cause tremendous damage to your home, the remedies should begin with simple actions and expand from these, as the need requires. Disturbing an existing roof system with reckless abandon can cause a multitude of continued or future problems.

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