Does your Florida roof need a replacement or a repair?

The security and life of the roof isn’t something that most homeowners worry about unless there’s a problem. However, it’s important to pay attention to any changes in your roof to determine whether a repair needs to be made well before a problem occurs. A neglected roof can cause even bigger complications with a home including water damage to the frame, leaks that ruin personal belongings, and an extreme decrease in the energy efficiency of the home.


At Don Schmidt Roofing, our experienced roof repair experts know exactly what a healthy roof looks like in Florida, and a roof that needs repairs. We’ve compiled two things to inspect regularly so you’ll know if a roof repair is needed.


Dark Spots. If you see dark or dingy-looking areas on your roof, it could be a buildup of algae or fungus. It’s important to act with a roof cleaning or repair before these trouble areas wreak havoc on the life expectancy of your roof. Algae growth like this can break down the tile or shingles so they can’t keep a moisture blocking seal on the roof. Leakage, loss of shingles, or broken tiles can result in this buildup.


For shingle roof homes, dark spots on the roof may be a sign that important granules are disappearing. Intense wind, rain, or simply old age can break-up granules on shingles, causing darker spots on the roof. A Don Schmidt Roofing expert would be able to analyze any dark spots you’ve observed on the roof and recommend the proper roof repair.


Leakage. It’s important to regularly check the inside of your home so you know the status of your roof as well. Any water spots, water damage, or a cracking and peeling of paint inside the home may be a sign that a roof repair is needed. After a driving rain, walk around your home and inspect the ceiling. If you see any spots, active water running down, or a sagging of the ceiling, there may be a problem with the roof. Water damage inside the home due to a roof leak is serious and should be addressed as soon as possible. If roof repairs such as these aren’t made immediately, the water damage can quickly spread, causing a bigger and more expensive repair.


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