Always Get a Professional Roof Evaluation.

You should never get a new roof without getting a professional roof evaluation. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a new roof, make sure that you actually need a new roof!
Contact an honest and reputable company to provide a free roof inspection Many times, we are asked to provide a quote for a new roof, only to discover that the existing roof actually has a longer life than the owner anticipated. The life expectancy of a central Florida roof varies depending on many factors.
The life expectancy for an asphalt shingle roof ranges from 15 to 20 years in Florida, while the life expectancy for a wood shingle roof ranges from 8-15 years. Tile roofs have a greater range variance due to the many systems available – anywhere between 18-25 years! Metal roofs typically range between 25-40+ years.
Trees around your house is a excellent way to cut down on your energy bills during the summer months, and make for beautiful views while looking out your windows. Though you want trees close enough to your house to provide adequate shade, you also want them far enough away to avoid damage due to falling tree branches.
All types of roofs are affected by adverse weather, which can shorten the lifespan of your roof. If you experience long dry spells, this can dry out wooden shingles and shakes, causing them to become brittle and break more easily. Excessive shade and moisture can cause mildew and moss to grow on any types of roof shingle, and can cause wooden shingles to rot. High winds, excessive heat can all shorten the life expectancy of all types of  roofs.
Routine roof maintenance for your roof can extend the life of your roof covering. Have your roof inspected regularly by a professional. Look for damaged, loose or missing shingles or tiles. This is typically done in the spring, and again in the fall. In the fall after hurricanes is when you really need to look over your house because hurricanes or high wind storms could have caused damaged.
So before spending any money on a your roof  Call us at 407.892.9884 today or contact us online at Since 1988 Don Schmidt Roofing brings the same amount of knowledge, experience and integrity. We would love to earn your trust and help you with your central Florida home/commercial roof needs.


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