A Wet Ceiling May Not Be What You Think!

When you have a leak it may not be coming from the roof. So you will need to inspect the building’s interior to determine that the leak is coming from above, contact a qualified licensed contractor to perform a roof inspection. Be aware that having an untrained personnel attempt fixing a leak could result in additional damage and may void a Manufacturer or Installer Warranty.
Our trained experts look for clogged roof drains and gutters, displaced tiles or shingles and uneven settled areas  on your roof that have ponding water. If you have a single-ply or modified bitumen membrane roof we will inspect the flashings and seams and look for blisters or wrinkles. Parapet wall or roof edge flashings as well as metal coping caps and metal edge flashings are also closely inspected for potential defects.
You are in safe hands with us. When you need your roof inspected, whether it be for your business or your home,call us first at (407) 892-9884 or contact us online at www.DonSchmidtRoofing.com. We are a local family owned business serving central Florida since 1988 and an Osceola county resident since 1959.


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