new osceola county roof installationWear and tear is expected in your home as years go by and managing the condition of your home is not only wise from a safety perspective, but in Central Florida it's being financially wise to maintain the condition of your home.

The roof of your home is no exception to this. By managing the condition of your roof, you can increase the length of it's good condition, which is so important with Central Florida's extreme weather changes.

Living with an ill-repaired roof can sometimes cost you more money than just the roof itself. Our Florida roofs keep out  heat, wind, rain, blowing objects hail and much more. Keeping those elements away from your home and family is paramount. When the home's exterior is breached, repair costs rise quickly!

Maintain your roof's condition by regularly inspecting the entire roof and by utilizing Don Schmidt Roofing for detailed inspections.

We will spot potential issues with your roof system even before you might notice an issue!

Here are some signs that your home may need a new roof:

Extensive Roof Damage

This is the top reason why you should get a new roof. As the roof ages, it begins to weaken. The materials can wear out and sometimes, even beyond your repair. Visible damages on your roof are easy to spot. If there’s already extensive damage, it’s smarter and more economical to get a new roof instead of trying to repair the current one. In fact, trying to repair a badly damaged roof can cost more money than getting a brand new one.

Roof Infiltrations

When holes and infiltrates plague your roof that might be the perfect sign to get a replacement instead of doing repairs. Rooftop sealants are an excellent solution in blocking holes on your roof but once the sealants themselves are damaged and let water seep in, it’s time to change your roof instead of getting your old one repaired. Sealants that are cracked, rusted or worn out are difficult to be patched over with new sealants, making weak attachment. When you get a new roof, you get a brand new top shelter that’s free of leaks and penetrations.

Dark Patches on the Roof Surface

Dark patches on your roof’s surface are a good sign that your roof is experience wear and is beginning to age. As your roof continues to mature, it faces the forces of nature – hail, heat and rain – continuously for many years. The dark patches on the roof indicate corrosion or degradation of stone granules that provide protection on the asphalt layer of the roof. When this is gone, damage is inevitable to your roof.

Roof Granules in the Gutter

When gutters are filled with granules, it’s a sign that your roof is already degrading. Roof granules can be found deposited in your gutter or washed away with rainfall. This is a sign that your roof is moving quickly toward the end of its useful life and you should consider replacing it in teh near future.

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